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Sustainability in the German healthcare sector
Where do we stand today - what are the biggest challenges?

The sustainability debate has found its way into the management structures of businesses in the German health care sector in a variety of forms. From cost centres, service providers, industrial partners to suppliers, many stakeholders in the industry will be directly or indirectly affected in the medium term by the increasing requirements for transparency and the implementation of sustainability measures. We provide you with interesting industry insights for you to download.


The joint survey of the Healthcare Shapers Network and CBR Consult & Invest provides a snapshot of the state of information and implementation with regard to sustainability issues among the various players in the healthcare environment.

  • To what extent are companies informed about existing and upcoming reporting obligations, are they already implementing them or are they preparing to do so?

  • Sustainability and daily business, what can be combined well and what can be expanded upon?

  • CO2 assessment, reduction and compensation - where do we stand here in the health sector?

  • Sustainability labels and certificates - hygiene factors or competitive advantages?

  • What do the survey participants see as the biggest sustainability challenges in the healthcare sector?

Frank Roth
Principal, CBR Consult 

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