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Geschäftspartner bei der Arbeit

CBR Partnerships and Collboration
Our partners add expertise from different industries and technological backgrounds

CBR's network of our partner organisations and memberships supports our ambition to provide expertise in ourvarious fields of sustainabiity and innovation.

CBR Memberships & Partners



Enabling healthcare for growth and success

Healthcare Shapers are a strong network of practice-experienced consultants and interim managers in the healthcare industry. Customized, forward-looking and effective solutions that ensure the clients' growth and success in the current and future market environment are created here.


Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg

Developing the local healthcare sector

The goal of Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH (GWHH) is to strengthen Hamburg's reputation as a high-quality healthcare location by supporting the healthcare industry across sector and industry boundaries. GWHH connects the competencies of providers and players active in healthcare management in Hamburg, i.e. from companies, universities, research and teaching institutions, service providers, chambers, associations and interest groups.

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