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Combine Consulting and Entrepreneurship

Career at CBR

CBR has been founded with the initial idea to combine consulting with own entrepreneurial activities. Since then, we have been co-founding and investing in a range of great ideas and people, while growing our consulting business with major industry players. This spirit drives our motivation to provide excellent advisory to our clients with an implementation-oriented entrepreneurial mindset.

We like to provide the opportunity to work as a consultant and to gain insights into our start-up engagements or even drive one's own entrepreneurial ideas at the same time. We love to bring our entrepreneurial thiniking into our consulting work and vice versa. 


We recruit talented graduates from leading undergraduate institutions, business schools, degree programs as well as experienced young and senior professionals directly from the industry. From day one, you will work on challenging strategic and operational topics that have a real impact at our clients.

    Financial consolidation to support the strategic transformation and digitalization of the Helmholtz Research Center to ensure a balanced and future-oriented cost structure Role as external interim manager with an established cross-functional project team consisting of both internal and external members Project duration on site >24 months
    Financial consolidation of the Helmholtz Center to ensure a sustainable and economically viable revenue and expenditure structure Development and implementation of a holistic consolidation concept in connection with the five-year medium-term and financial planning as well as the overall strategic scientific reorientation of the Helmholtz Research Center Identification, quantification and implementation of optimization measures as a joint initiative of science and administration Efficient controlling, budgeting and quality management processes in cooperation with the finance department Best administrative support of scientific excellence by establishing new organizational structures and processes in administration
    Consolidation concept design and implementation in the context of a publicly owned research center following cameralistic budgeting and accounting principles Stakeholder management between the administrative and scientific community to ensure an overall successful transformation in the best interest of the center Project management and reporting structure with > 200 single projects and initiatives across various administrative and scientific research disciplines

(Junior) Consultant

Senior Projekt Manager:in

"Life Sciences & MedTech"

Senior Projekt Manager:in

"ClimateTech & Sustainability"

Feel free to apply on your own initiative.


We are always pleased to receive exciting profiles! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

 How does an ideal candidate's profile for a consultant at CBR look like? 

We seek passionate, open minded individuals with a wide range of academic backgrounds, work experiences, perspectives, thinking styles, and expertise.  

Very good academic credentials are a necessary but not the only - requirement. It is the curiosity to ask the right questions, the courage and creativity to blaze new paths, the ability to collaborate with colleagues and clients, and the leadership skills to transform your ideas into action.

 What kind of types in regard to consultants exist at CBR? 

Our consultants work alongside our clients to solve their biggest challenges. We find and execute value-creation opportunities that result in long-lasting impact. As consultants, we become our clients’ trusted advisors. See below for more on our range of potential consulting roles.

Generalist Consultant

CBR consultants work on various projects across topics and industries, analyzing problems, discovering insights, delivering recommendations, and making change happen for our clients.

Digital Consultant

Digital consultants work especially on digitalization initiatives of our clients. Furthermore, they support our ventures to generate mutual benefits and know-how between our consulting and venture activties.


Experts have deep expertise in specific disciplines or industries. They have gained extensive hands-on professional experiences in leading operational and/or management positions in their focus industry before joining CBR.  

 Does CBR work with cooperation  /consulting partners or  freelancers? 

In today's world, we face the need for increased specialization combined with even more flexibility to access on-demand capabilities. Here, we strongly believe in the benefits of our trusted network.


Therefore, CBR is actively cooperating with freelancers to address our clients' requirements for expert know-how for specific challenges at the time needed.

 What do I need to provide if I would like to pitch a business  idea? 

CBR is always looking for new business ideas and ventures, We follow a broad approach which is not dedicated to specific industries or topics. 


We invite you to pitch your idea - make it an 'elevator pitch' to begin with: the NEED (problem vs. solution) followed by who is willing to pay for it (CUSTOMER & PROFIT SOURCE). As always, it is a 'people's game', so you as the TEAM play the key role for us. 

 How do I apply at CBR

We're delighted that you're considering working with us. Please send us your CV via

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