Selected areas of expertise  

 Our driving factors 

  • We are dedicated to support companies and organizations  transforming their businesses, products and services towards a balanced and sustainable economic and environmental impact.


  • Enabling systemic recovery and being part of the successful introduction of new businesses, technologies and innovative services fuels our day-to-day motivation.


  • We are consultants of conviction, sharing our expertise and actively supporting  green tech and med tech ventures as investors.

  • To allow for sustainable consolidation and (digital-) transformation projects, we excel in analysis, benchmarking and implementation of new structures, digital tools and change programs. 

  • Encompassing technologies, raw materials and strategic value chain considerations, we drive feasibility studies further to project development and investor search.

  • We are acting as on-demand experts, project consultants as well as interim managers depending on your specific requirements.

 Our offerings 

  Green Energy  

Driving energy transition towards a 

connected and sustainable world

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  • Renewable technology pathway and production route comparisons


  • Technology feasibility studies and project development

Business development

  • Regulation frameworks and market trend quantification

  • Analysis of specific CO2 (GHG) recycling options

  • H2, green fuels & chemicals target markets and customer value segments 

  • Business and financial models for various renewable products

  • Partnering strategies and cross-industry consortium coordination

  • Circular economy opportunities

Financing & Grants

  • Financing and funding opportunities

  • Grant analysis and application support

  • Investor Confidence Study 

  • Sustainable site investment decisions (within consortia set-ups)

Feedstock & CO2 Capturing

  • (Bio) raw materials analysis and availabilities

  • Feedstock sourcing and logistics

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Co2 capturing technology options

Sites & Operations

  • Site identification, evaluation and selection support

  • Site benchmarking and development concept

  • Sustainable site investment decisions 

  • Production network analysis

Distribution & Logistics

  • Flexible storage and distribution in regional and global markets

  • Certification of Green Fuels and Green Chemicals 

  • New opportunities for energy storage through green chemistry



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​„How can we reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions while increasing competitiveness?

We are happy to share our expertise with you.“  

- Christoph Behrendt-Rieken, Managing Partner​ -

  Life Sciences & MedTech  

Strengthening current business and enabling

new technologies and digital solutions 

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Operational Excellence & Consolidation

  • Financial assessment in stressed situations (Kameralistik / Doppik, HGB, IFRS)

  • Steering concepts and governance mechanisms, both in a public and industrial environment - incl. public research centers as well as SMEs and global MedTech and Life Sciences companies

  • Systemic review with deduced process realignment or redevelopment, e.g. financial investment and innovation processes

  • Strategic and financial reorganization of scientific units and business areas

  • Establishment and refinement of scientific shared service centers


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Digitalization &

Process Automation

Icon Transfromation & New Business Varia

Transformation &

New Business

  • Introduction of digital tools for improved scientific resources management, e.g. shared equipment platforms, laboratory information systems

  • Digital corporate process optimization and interface alignment (eFinance, eHuman Resources, and so on)

  • Digitalization strategy and implementation roadmap (concept design and project management/implementation support)

  • Technology feasibility studies and project development

  • Third party funding and grants management

  • Technology project portfolio steering: Innovation through exnovation – Sorting-out the existing activities, prioritization & focusing

  • Entrepreneurial and innovation hub management – from ideas and technology insourcing, acceleration and maturing towards spin-off and market proofs

Frank Roth - CBR Consult + Invest GmbH.j

​„Sustainability requirements, high pressure on cost, need for digitalization - how to deal with them and prepare your company for the future? 

We are happy to share our expertise with you." 

- Frank Roth, Principal -