Lufthansa AG

Lufthansa AG – Strategic partnership with technology start-up as means for Innovation acquisition



  • Strategic partnership with technology start-up, the inventor of a patented process to produce CO2-reduced synthetic fuels, and Lufthansa AG, Europe’s leading Airline

  • Common R&D project together with an external development consortium to develop and drive the innovative process to market maturity



  • Realizing opportunities for a significant reduction of CO2-emissions to fulfil the IATA-objectives and pre-vention from CO2-penalities (CORSIA)

  • Securing long-term access to cost-efficient Kerosene and independence from oil price volatility



  • Mediation between large corporation decision and action patterns compared to technology start-up needs

  • Long-term innovation cycles and rewarding vs. short-term results orient-ation and changing external market conditions

Key Tasks 

  • Preparation of integrated financial model and business case to prove future profitable technology application at different location worldwide considering oil and natural gas market price Scenarios


  • Development of possible business models for the technology including analysis of syngas applications in the chemical as well as refinery sector

  • Identification, selection and heading of engineering company to run technology feasibility studies

  • Selection and evaluation of potential sites for the test plant including contract negotiations with various chemical industry site service and infrastructure companies

  • Elaboration of operating model for the test plant including chemical park site operator interfaces

  • Coordination of required construction and operation approval processes for test plant at various sites, together with site operators, EPC contractor and authorities according BImSchG

  • Heading of contract negotiations with EPC and general contractor for the construction, commissioning and operations of the test plant

  • Acquisition of industrial partners as basis for cross-industry consortium including moderation of exploratory talks as well as design of cooperation models




Role of CBR

Senior Project Manager / Mediator


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