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Fueling the future of aviation

The question of how aviation can contribute to the global challenge of reducing CO2 emissions is more important than ever. To give you a hint to the result of our joined study with h&z group – Sustainable Aviation Fuel is one of the answers but there are multiple paths that will need to be followed. Download our study for more insights.

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The joint study by h&z and CBR “Fueling the future of aviation” provides a holistic picture on the current status of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), related alternative propulsion technologies and the impact on the airline industry. Major topics around the central question of how alternative fuels can help to achieve the goal of zero emissions are addressed, amongst others:


  • Does SAF keep up to its promises to be the “silver bullet” for “Green Flying”?

  • What is the expected availability of SAF volumes and how will it be produced, where and when?

  • How does SAF fit into the new mobility mix of air travelling with alternative propulsion technologies such as hydrogen and electric based in the future?

  • How must airlines not only secure the access to get portions of limited SAF but decide which propulsion technology has a superior efficiency in terms of ecological footprint and cost position for their flight route planning?

  • What are the impacts on the other players in the airline industry?

Christoph Behrendt-Rieken
Managing Partner, CBR Consult 

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