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  Selected areas of expertise  

 Our driving factors 

 Our offerings 

  • We are dedicated to support companies and organizations  transforming their businesses, products and services towards a balanced and sustainable economic and environmental impact.


  • Enabling systemic recovery and being part of the successful introduction of new businesses, technologies and innovative services fuels our day-to-day motivation.


  • We are consultants of conviction, sharing our expertise and actively supporting  green tech and med tech ventures as investors.

  • To allow for sustainable consolidation and (digital-) transformation projects, we excel in analysis, benchmarking and implementation of new structures, digital tools and change programs

  • Encompassing technologies, raw materials and strategic value chain considerationswe drive feasibility studies further to project development and investor search.

  • We are acting as on-demand experts, project consultants as well as interim managers depending on your specific requirements.

ClimateTech & Sustainability

Driving energy transition towards a 

connected and sustainable world

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  • Technology assessment with special focus on renewable energy, synthetic fuels and green chemicals technologies & innovations

  • Technology feasibility studies

  • Technology project portfolio development and steering

  • Operational (technology) project management

  • Partnering strategies and cross-industry consortium coordination

Sustainability &

Business development

  • Analysis and quantification of regulatory frameworks

  • Market studies, e.g. H2, synthetic fuels & green chemicals

  • CO2-neutral production/organisation and CO2 balance  (Scope 1, 2 and 3)

  • Sustainable corporate governance based on ESG principles

  • Circular Economy & Zero Waste concepts and implementation

Financing & Grants

  • Financing and funding opportunities

  • Grant analysis and application support

  • Sustainable and economic investment evaluation
    (among others within consortia set-ups)

Feedstock & CO2 Capturing

  • (Biogenic) raw materials analysis and availabilities

  • (Biogenic) feedstock sourcing and logistics

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management

  • CO2 capturing and recycling technology options

Sites & Operations

  • Site identification, evaluation and selection support

  • Site benchmarking and development concepts

  • Site/project investment decisions

  • Partnering strategies and cross-industry consortium coordination

  • Production network analysis

Distribution & Logistics

  • Development of storage and distribution concepts for Advanced Biofuels on regional and global markets

  • Certification analysis for green fuels and green chemicals



Christoph Behrendt-Rieken(3).jpg

​„How can we reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions while increasing competitiveness?

We are happy to share our expertise with you.“  

- Christoph Behrendt-Rieken, Managing Partner​ -

  Life Sciences & MedTech  

Strengthening current business and enabling

new technologies and digital solutions 

Icon Operational Excellence.jpeg

Operational Excellence & Consolidation

  • Strategic and financial reorganization of scientific units and business areas​

  • Financial and structural consolidation (Cameralistic / Doppik, HGB, IFRS)

  • Steering concepts and governance mechanisms, both in a public and industrial environment - incl. public research centers as well as SMEs and global MedTech and Life Sciences companies

  • Establishment and refinement of scientific shared service centers


Icon Digitalization.jpeg

Digitalization &

Process Automation

  • Introduction of digital tools for improved scientific resources management, e.g. shared equipment platforms, laboratory information systems

  • Digital corporate process optimization and interface alignment (eFinance, eHuman Resources, and so on)

  • Digitalization strategy and implementation roadmap (concept design and project management/implementation support)

  • Systemic review with derived process realignment, e.g. of finance and innovation processes

Icon Transfromation & New Business Varia

Transformation &

New Business

  • Technology feasibility studies and project development

  • Third party funding and grants management

  • Technology project portfolio steering: Innovation through exnovation – Sorting-out the existing activities, prioritization & focusing

  • Entrepreneurial and innovation hub management – from ideas and technology insourcing, acceleration and maturing towards spin-off and market proofs


Sustainability & 

Business Development

  • Analysis and quantification of regulatory frameworks

  • Market studies, including digitalization potentials MedTech 2030

  • CO2-neutral services/organization and CO2 balances (Scope 1,2 and 3)

  • Sustainable corporate governance based on ESG principles

  • Circular Economy and Zero Waste for health care facilities (hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, retirement homes, elderly care, etc.) and public research centers


Information about the latest Healthcare and MedTech Trends


Frank Roth - CBR Consult + Invest GmbH.j

​„Sustainability requirements, high pressure on costs, need for digitalization - how to deal with them and prepare your company for the future? 

We are happy to share our expertise with you." 

- Frank Roth, Principal -

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