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Building a Training Centre for SME Healthcare Companies

High-quality on-the-job Trainings

German Technology & Innovation Center

 INDUSTRY    Healthcare

 EXPERTISE   Training & Excellence Cluster

 LOCATION       Gießen, Germany

The Technology and Innovation Centre Giessen (TIG GmbH) supports technology oriented and innovative start-ups and young companies with commercial premises and infrastructure.

TIG GmbH provides a wide range of service, counselling and further education offers in cooperation with a functioning network from commerce, politics and administration.
Within the network, TIG GmbH also takes on economic development and regional management projects.


Professional Experience


SME business experience, cross-functional team set-up, senior business education experts

Value Creation


Increased local site attractiveness and SME promotion in the LifeSciences and MedTech sector

Stakeholder Management


Public funded project with multiple gov. stakeholders and ~100 local companies


“High-quality on-the-job trainings and advanced training programs are expensive and for most SME not viable. Within this project, we were able to establish frequented educational formats especially suited for the needs of SME in the Life Sciences and MedTech industries. A clear asset for the regional healthcare excellence cluster and the local departments for promotion of economic development.”

- Antje Bienert, CEO, TIG GmbH -

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“The feedback of the companies within the healthcare excellence cluster showed that the major success factors for this project where the approach to actively involve the companies and offering them the opportunity to host an event, present themselves and interconnect with complementary companies as well as the provision of excellent hands-on training programs and industry expert talks, based on an initial need survey in the cluster. The very positive reception of the project was also recognized by the state of Hesse and promoted by significantly extending financing and the project duration.”

- Frank Roth, Interim Project Head Educational Network @ TIG GmbH -

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Frank Roth


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