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MedTec Sales Structure Efficiency

Market Entry and Sales Excellence

Leading US MedTech Company

 INDUSTRY    MedTech

 EXPERTISE   Business Development


    Financial consolidation to support the strategic transformation and digitalization of the Helmholtz Research Center to ensure a balanced and future-oriented cost structure Role as external interim manager with an established cross-functional project team consisting of both internal and external members Project duration on site >24 months
    Financial consolidation of the Helmholtz Center to ensure a sustainable and economically viable revenue and expenditure structure Development and implementation of a holistic consolidation concept in connection with the five-year medium-term and financial planning as well as the overall strategic scientific reorientation of the Helmholtz Research Center Identification, quantification and implementation of optimization measures as a joint initiative of science and administration Efficient controlling, budgeting and quality management processes in cooperation with the finance department Best administrative support of scientific excellence by establishing new organizational structures and processes in administration
    Consolidation concept design and implementation in the context of a publicly owned research center following cameralistic budgeting and accounting principles Stakeholder management between the administrative and scientific community to ensure an overall successful transformation in the best interest of the center Project management and reporting structure with > 200 single projects and initiatives across various administrative and scientific research disciplines

Professional Experience


US MedTech market expertise, business analytics and planning excellence, strong marketing skills

Value Creation


Synergetic integration of new sales channel into the existing sales and service organization

Stakeholder Management


Alignment of local strategies and management with global headquarter functions

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„Covering the US market with an own sales force is an advantage, but needs respective volumes to allow for profitability. Setting-up a dedicated sales channel for low-ticket items, and utilizing the existing brand awareness to enter markets close to the core market, needs strong management attention to ensure a perfect fit in and support from the existing sales and service structures." 

- Frank Roth, Principal, MedTech & Life Sciences -

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Frank Roth


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