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  How we add value  

- an integrated approach to value creation -

We believe in the combined value of strategic management and expert advice with our own operational experience in the implementation of innovative ideas and new technologies.


We hold innovation to our core and advise companies through the lens of the entrepreneur and management as well as its investors and shareholders.


We support companies in the implementation of sustainable management principles, in the development of a product and service portfolio with a balanced ecological footprint, and in the establishment of a climate-neutral production and organization.

At CBR, we hold consulting mandates with major industry players, develop companies through mid- to long-term interim management arrangements and actively engage in technology venture investments.




Managment Consulting

  Management Consulting  

- providing value when it matters -

The success and growth of modern businesses more than ever before depend on their ability to continuously innovate and reinvent themselves. We provide management consulting with focus on supporting our clients in their innovation activities and business transformation. We strongly believe that long-lasting value creation is closely linked to achieving change.

We harness the power of innovation to trigger change and transform businesses.

We see ourselves as innovation enablers

  • We provide management consulting services for short-/ mid- and long-term projects.

  • We help companies to accelerate growth, im-prove their performance and solve critical issues.

  • We take-on the most important challenges and believe in the power of combined teams with our clients.                          

 Our mandates 

 Our capabilities 

As innovation enablers we offer

  • Performance improvement

  • Growth and innovation process support

  • Digitalization and transformation advisory

  • Organizational design and restructuring

  • Strategic investment advisory

  • Turnaround and recovery solutions

  • Expertise in Carbon Capturing and Utilization (CCU) and synthetic fuels

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Interim Management

  Interim Management  

- taking responsibility when it matters -

Ever more complex business environments demand for structured approaches, on-demand management capabilities and future oriented leadership. We provide interim management capabilities for situations that require specific expertise for a defined periodWe believe in partnerships and combined efforts to achieve results that prepare businesses for a successful future.

We are innovators, challengers and partners.

We see ourselves as transformation managers

  • We provide mid- to long-term interim management support by entering into trustful partnerships.

  • We help companies to overcome occasional capability challenges.

  • We provide stability and confidence.

As transformation managers we offer

  • Innovation management capabilities

  • Turnaround and recovery solutions


  • Digitalization initiatives

  • New product development solutions 

  • Performance improvement solutions

  • Functional support (Finance, Procurement and Human Resources)

 Our capabilities 

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 Our mandates 

Venture Investments

  Venture Investments  

- providing growth capital when it matters -

Entrepreneurship is the vital fuel of modern economies and the driving force of innovation. As founding partners and active investors we provide seed and growth capital for promising ventures on long-term time horizons. We are interested in disruptors driving industry dynamics as well as established companies on their journey in a digitalized future. 

We are dedicated partners providing capital and hands-on management experience.

We see ourselves as active investors

  • We provide seed capital for early-stage startups.

  • We offer growth capital for mid-stage ventures.

  • We actively engage in our portfolio companies by taking advisory and management roles​.


  • We invest in established companies to actively support in their digital journeys.

 Our mandates 

As active investors we offer

  • Idea challenge and venture evaluation

  • Initial financing and funding process support

  • Network access: Capital, Talents and Expert Advice (industry, technology, etc.)

  • Hiring support and management capabilities (interim positions)

 Our capabilities 

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